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Hi there, my name is Travis Corral and I started this blog to bring you the latest info from the tech world. My posts will range from easy-to-read, bitesize information snippets to comprehensive and detailed reviews about a product or service. I am constantly scouring the internet for new ideas, whilst also taking the time to reflect on old-school systems and wisdom that are still relevant today.

My aim is to provide useful information to both those who have no experience or little knowledge of the tech world, as well as experienced developers and entrepreneurs who are looking for a useful resource to find up-to-date information about topics that matter to them.

Disclaimer: I have all of 0 years experience in writing, but I have a thick skin so please feel free to throw me a “this article sucks” or “wow, I’d never thought of it like that before”, into the comments section.

And so without further ado…let another tech blog begin.